heart-rate-device-that-talks-and-allows-listening-to-the-musicNow this is rather snazzy - a Talking Heart Rate MP3 player which will actually speak out your pulse readings, so you won’t need to glance at it while you are busy and immersed in your workout.

The ECG heart rate reading and warning will be spoken out in a clear and concise manner, alerting you whenever you go above or fall below the target zone - this happens at intervals of between one to five minutes.

Apart from that, there is a chest strap which will measure your pulse rate continuously, sending wireless readings to a receiver that averages the size of a cellphone.

On the other hand, it also doubles up as an MP3 player which is pretty cool since not all gym music works out great for your ears, right? The Talking Heart Rate MP3 player is going for $79.95. — www.ubergizmo.com