ilet-hal-to-hit-the-marketOne friendly commenter gave us a heads up on Haleron a while back, making me doubt if they are legit or not. Well, it seems we can put that aside for now since their latest wonder, the iLet HAL, is starting to hit the road. Here’s a bit of a refresher on the device.

iLet Mini HAL

• 7″ 800 x 480 touchscreen
• 600MHz VIA
• 128MB RAM
• 2GB flash, upgradable to 32GB
• Android OS
• 802.11b/g WiFi, LAN, 3G USB dongle (optional)
• 2 x USB, headphone and mic jacks, SD card slot (up to 32GB supported), internal speakers
• 16 hours battery life
• Colors: Black, White

An 8″ model is also available that has a SIM slot for 3G connectivity. The larger version will debut in May. The current 7″ version is available for US$229 and getting a total of five units for you and your family will drop the per unit price to US$199. —