Cum arată cel mai subţire laptop din lume

ASUS has launched the U36 - the thinnest laptop in the world, equipped with a standard-voltage Intel processor. The computer measures 19 millimeters thick. This dimension has been possible because of changes to the cooling system. Also, the thickness reduction was done without diminishing the performance.

The laptop uses a powerful processor in the Intel Core or Core i5 i3. It is a combination of the ASUS Super Hybrid Engine and NVIDIA graphics technology Optimus. U36 model has a range increased to 10 hours.

Most current laptops on the market use low voltage processors, because the benefits of reduced power consumption and heat emission. ASUS U36 break patterns and offers Intel Core or Core i5 i3 for full performance.

This is possible thanks to the cooling system with two heat pipes. This system takes the heat in an efficient manner without adding extra weight. The result is the ability to play back rich multimedia content, to run demanding games or advanced programs can open simultaneously.

ASUS U36’s housing is very thin. It is made of an alloy of magnesium and aluminum. Using a four-cell battery, weighs only get to 1.44Kgi U36. Laptop is protected against dust and water with a soft touch materials, which covers housing nanometric level. Thus, the U36 will keep the exterior aesthetics throughout the day.